One easy way for citizens to make their voices heard in Canada's Parliament is through the time honoured tradition of petitioning.

As of December 2015, thanks to the work of NDP MP Kennedy Stewart, the House of Commons of the Parliament of Canada now accepts e-petitions.

For information about creating an e-petition to parliament please visit:

Of course hard copy paper petitions are still accepted by parliament as well.

The Guide to Petitions will help you create a petition that is properly formatted for submission to parliament. You will find the guide to parliamentary petitions online at: Guide to Petitions

There are also several petitions already prepared on issues that NDP members are fighting for on behalf of ordinary working Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Print them off, collect signatures, and submit them to Irene's office. Irene would be pleased to present petitions to the House of Commons on your behalf. (*note petitions require a minimum of 25 signatures to be accepted by the House of Commons)