Mathyssen Speaks Out Against Unfair HST! (part 2)

Ms. Irene Mathyssen: Madam Speaker, it is interesting that I did receive an overwhelming response from my constituents. They were very clear. They do not like this tax. They see it as a tax grab. They see themselves as the victims of this tax. They are willing to fight back, and I can assure the House that I am willing to fight back.

I have also had consultations with first nations. They are particularly angry because their treaty rights have been violated in terms of point of sale. They will be required to pay a tax that they have never been required to pay before, and that group across the aisle refuses to listen. It is simply not interested.

In terms of hearings, those are essential. In any democracy we have to listen to the people. That is the first rule. The Conservatives refuse to listen to anyone. They do not want this aroma of tax to linger too long.

I remember some time ago when the Conservatives talked about cowardice. They talked about cutting and running, not living up to one's responsibilities. I would say we have seen a prime example of cutting and running.