In Debate: on the 2010 Federal Budget

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP):

Madam Speaker, I was quite taken by the discussion my colleague presented to the House in regard to the need for infrastructure and investment and the irony of corporate tax cuts.

It would seem to me that no corporation, no matter where, can function, be profitable or establish itself without the support of the community.

Roads, infrastructure, affordable housing, health care and education are things that make people strong and those people make the corporations strong.

I wonder if he would comment on the counterintuitiveness of de-funding the very things that allow corporations to function in favour of treating them to unlimited goodies.

Mr. Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt):

Madam Speaker, unless we roll back the corporate tax cuts, we will have the money to deal with the issues that the hon. member has mentioned. As I stated a while ago, if we were to roll back the tax cuts we could invest money in women, children, seniors and in our infrastructure.

The corporate tax cuts are not working in the first place, and I will give an example. In Welland, John Deere, which had several hundred employees and profited by these generous tax cuts, just closed shop and moved to Mexico anyway. It is not working.