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Thank you for contacting my office. While we do our best to respond, the office does receive well over a hundred emails a day and priority is given to London-Fanshawe residents experiencing time-sensitive problems with Federal programs and services (Employment Insurance, Old Age Security, Passports, etc). Our office is only able to directly assist with federal matters. If you are experiencing a problem with a provincial program or service (Ontario Works, Driver Licensing, etc.) you will need to contact your MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament). If you are experiencing an issue under municipal authority (park or road maintenance, garbage removal, etc) you will need to contact your Ward Councillor at London City Hall (519-661-2500). Please note that emails may not be checked regularly on any given day. If you are experiencing a time sensitive issue with a federal department and are not able to resolve the issue with that department, it is always best to call the constituency office and speak with a team member or leave a voicemail for someone to return your call as soon as possible. All other inquiries are responded to in as timely a manner as possible.