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Locally our MP, Irene Mathyssen, and the NDP have been busy making a difference right here in London. Organizations like My Sister’s Place, the Housing Registry, and several others were facing layoffs and closures until Irene rallied public support and attention to the issue and forced the Conservatives to deliver the promised funding. Irene has also successfully delivered $17 million in federal infrastructure funding to our riding, and $1.98 million specifically for recreation infrastructure improvements. Visit the "In London" and "In Parliament" pages to learn more about Irene's work as our MP.

Map of London-Fanshawe

About the Riding of London-Fanshawe:

Federal Election 2011

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Irene Mathyssen NDP 21,689 50.9% X
Roger Caranci LIB 4,893 11.5%  
Jim Chahbar CON 14,294 33.5%  
Matthew Peloza GRN 1,202 2.3%  


Federal Election 2008

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Irene Mathyssen NDP 17,672 43.1% X
Jacquie Gauthier LIB 7,774 18.9%  
Mary Lou Ambrogio CON 12,659 30.9%  
Daniel O'Neail GRN 2656 6.5%  


Federal Election 2006

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Irene Mathyssen NDP 16067 34.5% X
Glen Pearson LIB 15199 32.6%  
Dan Mailer CON 13495 29.0%  
Dave McLaughlin GRN 1803 3.9%  

Source: Elections Canada

London-Fanshawe is a riding vaguely shaped like a reverse “L” taking in east London and a large portion of the south end of the city.

The riding takes in a broad mix of housing, workplaces and neighbourhoods. London Airport is in the riding. The major source of employment is manufacturing, followed by the service sector. Average family income is $72,264 and unemployment is approximately seven percent.

The Riding has a population of 107,218 according to 2006 census data (the most recent available), with 74,848 of those citizens on the electors list.

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Sources: CBC News, Statistics Canada 2006 Census