Your Letters: What a contrast in MPs

Holder clearly out of touch

Regarding the article D-Jet threat (April 9)

What a contrast in our MPs. Conservative MP Ed Holder claims that Diamond Jet is using the election to get a government loan. NDP MP Irene Mathyssen has been working in Ottawa to protect Diamond's 400 plus good jobs here in London.

The layoff of half of its employees last month is due to two years of foot-dragging on the loan by Tony Clement. But Holder is so out of touch with Londoners, he'd rather back Clement by making wild accusations at Diamond Aircraft. We may lose the other 200 jobs soon, thanks to Holder and the Harper government.

Mary Jo Winkler-Callighen

Published in the London Free Press April 12th, 2011. Reprinted with the permission of the author