Your Letters: NDP should be applauded for Interim Leader

Regarding the recent media & Conservative attacks on the new interim NDP leader, Nycole Turmel:  of course she had been associated with the Bloc - ALL Quebec activists/politicians, regardless of party affiliation were. 

Louis Plamondon, interim leader of the Bloc Quebecois was a Conservative Member of Parliament for the better part of a decade, Conservative Minister Denis Lebel was an active member of the Bloc Quebecois, Maxime Bernier was a political aide to former Premier Bernard Landry who made all employees declare their loyalty to an independent Quebec. Why do politicians who live in glass houses throw stones?  We are no where near an election and the Conservatives have already stooped to character assassination!  Give some respect to a bilingual woman who has a fantastic record of holding the government accountable.  It is the NDP that convinced Bloc supporters a federalist option is better than a separatist option, something neither Conservatives nor Liberals have been able to do.  Instead of being critical of people’s past, perhaps they should acknowledge the NDP has accomplished something good for Canada.

Nancy Richter, London ON