New report highlights women must hold multiple jobs to make ends meet

OTTAWA – Yesterday Statistics Canada released a report on women and paid work, illustrating that even after this recession women are still concentrated in precarious work situations that pay less.

“Women make up the bulk of part-time workers even though they prefer to be working full-time,” said NDP Status of Women Critic MP Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe). “Because women aren’t earning enough money to support their family, women have to hold multiple jobs to make ends meet.”

The report from Statistics Canada shows that over a 25 year period, women remain stagnated in part-time work even though about a quarter wish to find full-time work. Of that, over half of multiple job holders are women, a marked increase over the last few decades.

“Full-time employment not only allows women be in a position to earn more, but would also provide other benefits such as pension security, medical benefits and better access to employment insurance during maternity, sick or care giving leave,” said Mathyssen. “Women’s economic security is improved when they have access to full time employment.”

New Democrats have been demanding the federal government make several key changes in order to increase women’s participation in the labour market and their economic security. These include access to an affordable national early learning and child care program; expansion of the EI care-giving program; pro-active pay equity; a national affordable housing strategy and a real commitment to advancing women’s equality.

“Women need the support of the federal government to help expand their access to full-time, permanent employment and to their long time security. The contributions of women are vital to economic success of Canada and they deserve nothing less,” concluded Mathyssen.