This Week's Blog Post

This week the NDP caucus met for our Annual winter retreat in Ottawa.  We held meetings over two days and set our priorities for the upcoming year.  As caucus chair, it was my responsibility to set the agenda and lead the meetings.  Over the past two days we had very productive and energizing discussions.  We are ready as a team, with Tom at our helm,  to take on Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in 2015.  We are going to be releasing over the upcoming weeks and months our plan for a Canada that is inclusive and cares about Canadians.  We will introduce strategies such as ones we have already announced: Affordable Childcare, Federal Minimum Wage, and the National Strategy on Aging.  Stay tuned to hear more of the exciting ideas New Democrats will be proposing to make Canada a more fair, affordable and equitable place to live and work. 

I will be travelling with colleagues to Scotland next week to represent Canada at a Bilateral Visit with the United Kingdom Parliamentary Group.  I am looking forward to meeting with MPs from both the British and Scottish Parliaments to share best practices and learn from each other.