This Week - February 20th

While Monday was a holiday in Ontario, the House of Commons was back in session, and I was at work along with my colleague New Democrats to hold the Conservatives’ feet to the fire on issues that matter most to Canadians. I trust that you were able to enjoy the Family Day holiday with the people you love.

Over the break week, we had news of the Liberal Leader’s cynical and opportunistic agreement to accept MP Eve Adams from the Conservative cabinet into the Liberal tent. I had the opportunity Monday to speak to this in the House of Commons, and remind Canadians that New Democrats do not accept floor crossing because it denies Canadian voters the right to choose which party should represent them. New Democrats have called for Eve Adams to step down and allow a by-election in order for the voters of Missassauga-Brampton South to have a say in choosing their representative. It’s simple democracy.

I also had the opportunity to ask questions in the House about Employment Insurance, child care, and creation of good jobs in the Canadian manufacturing sector. These are the issues of utmost importance, especially in London-Fanshawe where we have seen the erosion of well-paid full time jobs because of poor stewardship under both the Conservatives and the Liberals.

In Citizenship and Immigration Committee we began a new study on Promoting Economic Prosperity through Settlement Services. This week we heard from Government witnesses including the
Assistant Deputy Minister and the Acting Director General of Refugee Affairs. We heard about what settlement services programs are available and the primary focus of their funding.

I was proud to see Jack Layton’s historic bill, The Climate Change Accountability Act, return to the House for debate by Matthew Kellway. The bill would allow setting an emissions-reduction framework for Canada that fuels balanced economic development.

Over the weekend I will be canvassing in the riding and celebrating Chinese New Year. Wishing you a prosperous and happy year of the sheep!