Thank You

I am extremely grateful and humbled by this opportunity to once again serve London families and our community.  I thank you all for your trust in me and I will work hard to bring your voice to Ottawa.  I also want to thank all of those who volunteered their time to assist me during this campaign.  I am truly honoured by your dedication.

The democratic process is incredibly important and I am very proud that the number of Londoners who came out and voted increased over previous elections.  With your votes, your voices were heard. 

While the results of the election were not what many New Democrats had hoped for, we will honour the voice of the people.  Our smaller caucus will work tirelessly to represent Canadians and to hold the Liberal government to account on their many promises.  

I am pleased to be named the New Democrat critic for Veterans Affairs.  It is very humbling to have been asked to take on this important responsibility. I will do everything I can to work with all MPs to ensure our veterans are no longer forced to fight the government they fought for, to receive the benefits and supports they were promised. No matter where they served, a veteran is a veteran, and it is time we as a nation honour the covenant we made with them.

I have also been appointed the Deputy Whip; I will be working with our whip to ensure that New Democrat MPs are fulfilling their Parliamentary Duties. 
Our new mandate in Parliament gives me the opportunity to continue to work in London and Ottawa to ensure that you are well-served and that our community’s voice is heard in the House of Commons.