Support the CBC

I Love CBC BadgeThe Conservatives do not hide it anymore: they want to shut down our public broadcaster.

Within the CBC, the bleeding is well underway. The recent round of cuts to CBC programming and key positions spells bad news for Canadian radio and television and will hinder the spread of our culture through both traditional and online media.


In our London community, the expansion of our local CBC office has been cancelled. That means the long promised local afternoon news programming simply won't be coming. 

We know that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have long dreamt of shutting down our public broadcaster. After plundering CBC’s budget for years, the consequences have become increasingly dire for the Corporation, as the bad news has piled up. Like the Liberals before them, the Conservatives have axed CBC funding at will. Since 2006, they imposed significant cuts - including $115 million from the budget in 2012, despite the fact that the CBC is already one of the lowest subsidized public broadcasters in the developed world:

As the entire television market is evolving, our public broadcaster today finds itself in a vulnerable position. CBC, as a pillar of our cultural system, should be leading the digital shift currently affecting the sector. However, even with the numerous initiatives of our public broadcaster, the federal government certainly has no intention of accompanying the CBC in making the necessary technological transition to ensure its future.

In the meantime, some Conservative Senators appointed by the Prime Minister are sharpening their teeth by proposing to shut down this public service. It could not be clearer now: the Conservatives never backed away from their initial objective to close public broadcasting in Canada.

Join your voice to ours by signing this online petition, or by helping us circulate this paper petition (attached), to signal to the Conservative government your support for a strong public broadcaster, with predictable and stable funding. Together, we must say no to this new attempt to close a leading institution that has been the voice of our culture and our difference for almost 80 years.

To protect our culture, regions and linguistic minorities, to help Canadian artists get international exposure, and to maintain a healthy audio-visual sector and quality public services, it is now more important than ever to express your support for the CBC.


Irene Mathyssen, MP

Deputy Critic for Canadian Heritage