Statement: Prime Minister Fails to Make Women and Children a Priority

Mr. Speaker, following the last meeting with G8 leaders, the Prime Minister announced that women and children’s health must be a priority. Determents of health include adequate housing, access to nutritious food, and quality childcare. Budget 2010 will be the final year of this government’s meagre commitment to affordable housing, emergency shelters, and the homeless.

In my community, this means My Sister’s Place, a resource centre for women struggling with abuse or mental health issues, will have to find other sources to make up the more than $145,000 in federal funding, or eliminate staff and programs which help the very people the Prime Minister said should be a priority.

Budget 2010 provides the small increase of $3.25 per week for families with young children but ZERO new childcare spaces. When it comes to putting our money where the Conservatives’ mouths are, they give that money to the big banks and the oil companies and leave women and children behind.