Statement on the Passing of Gina Barber

Gina Barber was a tireless advocate for the values in which she believed. For decades she was a stalwart leader among London area New Democrats, a labour activist, and social justice ‎champion. 

Gina fought for equality rights for women, and for the LGBT community. Whenever a picket line formed, Gina would not be long in arriving to stand in solidarity with workers fighting for fairness. 

In 2006, Gina was my running mate in the federal election, carrying the NDP banner in London-West while I did the same in London-Fanshawe. Gina was elated when I was elected to parliament that January. In October of that year, I was equally elated to see her elected to London City Council as a member of Board of Control. 

It is hard to think of a better example of Gina's fierce dedication to her principles. She was elected to Board of Control on the promise to help abolish it, and would deliver on that, voting to successfully eliminate her own position‎ in order to improve the democratic representation for Londoners. 

Gina was also the driving force behind the "Age Friendly London" initiative, making seniors issues a priority in our community. 

And she did it all with love, hope, and optimism, because she believed a better London, and a better Canada was possible.

Most of all, Gina Barber was also my friend. She will be missed deeply, by her family, her friends, and her community. 


Irene Mathyssen, MP