Statement on National Seniors Day

The Official Opposition’s Seniors critic, Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe), made the following statement on National Seniors Day: 

“Today is National Seniors Day, a day to recognize the contributions that seniors make in our communities every day.  New Democrats want to honour the people who worked hard to build this country and continue to enrich our lives every day. 

Every year more and more people enter their senior years.  By 2036, seniors will represent 25% of the total Canadian population. We need to understand and prepare for the changing demands of the boomer generation. 

I have spoken with seniors from across Canada and they have been clear their biggest concerns are health, financial security and housing. They stressed the importance of aging in their own homes, access to appropriate healthcare and financial security. No one should ever have to choose between medication and food. 

Changes to the CPP are long overdue, but in spite of that the Conservatives have delayed meetings with the provincial finance ministers that could lead to real retirement security for Canadians. 

The NDP understands that Canadian seniors deserve to live in dignity and comfort, and is committed to giving them the recognition they deserve.”