Statement on Egypt from MP Mathyssen

What a day! I want to extend congratulations to the people of Egypt for their victory. They did it against all expectations and they did it without resorting to violence. They are an inspiration the world over.

Throughout these protests, New Democrats were unequivocally standing behind the legitimate demands of the peaceful protesters. People of Egypt stood up for rights and freedoms that we believe are universal. There was no doubt in our mind that Canada should have supported the people’s democratic aspirations.

The situation in Egypt continues to be fluid. We should stay vigilant that in the days ahead, the movement for change is legitimate, accepted by the Egyptian people, and includes the full variety of political and civil society voices who have been part of this struggle. A pluralistic, democratic outcome would be accepted by all Egyptians and ensure the long-term prosperity and stability of the country.

As we celebrate the victory of the peaceful protesters, we should also take a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate price for democracy. We must honour their sacrifice by reaffirming our commitment to the universal rights and values for which they died.