Speaking Out in Support of Canada Post and Postal Workers

London-More than one hundred CUPW Local 566 members gathered under cloudy skies on Wednesday (October 13) in London to stand up for their jobs and fight against the reduction and privatization of Canada Post services.

Unionized workers were joined by two London MPs Irene Mathyssen (NDP, London-Fanshawe) and Glen Pearson (Liberal, London North Centre), as well as Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, all of whom spoke in support of Canada Post.

Mathyssen pointed out that the crown corporation generates millions in profits each year, keeping service costs low for consumers and reducing the tax burden on Canadian taxpayers. Pearson emphasized the importance of the postal service in keeping the country linked together, particularly in more remote communities where the post office is a gathering place and access point for government services. The Mayor added the importance of the good paying unionized jobs to the local economy, pointing out that postal workers not only pay taxes, but also shop, eat, and play in London, sustaining jobs within other London businesses. All three pledged to do their part in opposing reductions to staff and services at Canada Post.

The London District Labour Council President Patti Dalton also spoke to postal workers, emphasizing that they need to work to be part of the change and elect a government that will truly listen to and respect the concerns of working people. Dalton added that it was important for unionized workers to stand together, noting that representatives of the Amalgamated Transit Workers, the CAW, and CEP were also in the crowd standing in solidarity with CUPW members.

Canada Post offices in many communities across Canada are under the threat of closure, and ending rural mailbox and door to door street level delivery in favour of more "community mailboxes" are also being examined, changes which would lead to thousands of job cuts.

Labour Council President Patti Dalton speaks in support of Canada Post workers while MPs Mathyssen and Pearson along with Mayor DeCicco-Best listen