Mathyssen: Time to Show Minister Fantino the Door

OTTAWA – Despite the Department of Veterans Affairs facing a growing demand for services from an entire generation of Afghanistan veterans approaching retirement, Conservatives are cutting department staff by 25%.

Today in the House of Commons, NDP Caucus chair Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe) repeated calls that the Prime Minister fire his Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Mathyssen’s first question:

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives are failing veterans right across the board. They stand in the House and dismiss the crisis that they created when they gutted departments and fired the staff who helped veterans access the services they so desperately need.

Nine regional offices are now closed and 1 in 4 employees has been fired. The Prime Minister has the audacity to call people helping injured soldiers in those regional offices “backroom bureaucrats”.

Instead of making excuses for this failed minister, will the Prime Minister finally just show him the door?


Mathyssen’s second question:

Mr. Speaker, too little too late. The Conservatives pedal their weak and petty excuses in this place but the truth is they are going to court to fight disabled veterans injured in Afghanistan.

While lying in a hospital bed, Major Mark Campbell, who lost both his legs above the knee in a Taliban ambush, found out that the government had stripped him of his military pension. He is one of seven veterans who has gone to court to gain access to compensation that was promised.

Why is the government going to court to break those promises and the hearts of our veterans?