LONDON — During a parliamentary session characterized by scandals, Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe) and the New Democrats shook up a weak Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

“The Conservatives are showing all the signs of a used and tired government,” said Mathyssen. “New Democrats, on the other hand, are full of energy and are ready to replace them in 2015.”

New Democrats held Conservatives to account on the Senate scandal and the resignation of Stephen Harper’s chief of staff over the payment of $90,000 to Senator Mike Duffy. RCMP and Ethics Commissioner investigations are becoming a regularity. New Democrats have promised to abolish the Senate, a measure that would save taxpayers more than $90 million annually.

“In the midst of the Conservative scandals, I have been working hard on behalf of Londoners” said Mathyssen.  “Expanding the eligibility of veterans to access beds instead of closing beds at Parkwood Hospital, and introducing legislation to restore protection to the Thames River which was stripped away in the Conservative’s Omnibus legislation are just two of the local issues I’m tackling.

“I am proud to work with my NDP colleagues on a number of issues including proposals such as a National Transit Strategy and restoring fairness to the Employment Insurance system.  These strategies would be a great benefit to the London region” Mathyssen said.