Asking the Minister to review Legion Proposal for Wolseley Barracks Mess Hall

2015-04-27 15:00
Mr. Speaker, the Duchess of Kent Legion is an important part of my community for cadets, wounded and homeless warriors, seniors, and veterans. However, it has faced tough times, and earlier this month, the members sold the building. The Legion is proposing that the officers' mess at Wolseley Barracks, which is slated for demolition, be sold to the Duchess so that it can be converted into a new home for the Legion.
Will the Minister of National Defence consider the Legion's proposal so that it can continue to provide support and services for veterans in London?
2015-04-27 15:01
Mr. Speaker, I will take the member's intervention under advisement.
Of course, the Canadian Armed Forces only maintains those facilities that serve a valuable purpose. I understand that this facility is over 60 years old and is not providing value for money for the Canadian Armed Forces, but I will review the matter.