REALITY CHECK: Who stands up for London?

NDP REALITY CHECK: Who stands up for London?

Today Michael Ignatieff, while at an election tour stop in London, Ontario, made the following comments:

“We've been representing and standing up for Diamond in the House of Commons for five, six months. We get up all the time saying Tony Clement, c'mon, c'mon, make up your mind here.” (CPAC, April 1, 2011)

Interesting statement to make, considering that yesterday he had the chance to make up his own mind… and declined to do so. Local press report: “Ignatieff's cautious take on the political hot potato -- so far, the only big federal election issue to flare up in London -- stands in sharp contrast to his party's front-line candidates, who were baying last month for the Conservatives to hurry up and approve the loan.” (London Free Press, April 1, 2011)

The NDP Member of Parliament for London-Fanshawe, Irene Mathyssen, has been supporting Diamond Aircraft’s D-Jet program in the House since 2008 and in the riding since 2007. Her history with the company dates back much further; in 1993, then-MPP Mathyssen helped bring Diamond Aircraft to London.

(Links to Irene Mathyssen’s most recent statement and Question’s on Diamond available here)

If Michael Ignatieff can’t make a firm commitment, why should Londoners commit to him?