Questioning the Minister: Support for Diamond Aircraft

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Diamond Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of private planes, has completed the expensive and sophisticated research and development to launch its new D-Jet and the next generation of private jets.

Diamond already has an order for 240 D-Jets, $20 million from the private sector, and a $35 million loan guarantee from the Ontario government. To begin production and secure over 200 good jobs and the potential for 500 more jobs in London, Diamond needs a federal commitment.

Will the Minister of Industry approve a federal contribution for this job creating initiative?

Hon. Tony Clement (Minister of Industry, CPC): Mr. Speaker, let me thank the hon. member for her question. I would also thank the members for Elgin—Middlesex—London and London West for their hard work and engagement on this file as well.

Our government was pleased to support Diamond Jet with close to $20 million in financial support in February 2008 through our strategic aerospace and defence initiative. That was to support their R and D efforts.

This new request is a lot of money. Our government does not take this lightly. Of course we will be considering our options.