Question Period: Funding to Address Violence Against Aboriginal Women

Irene Mathyssen London—Fanshawe, ON:

Mr. Speaker, budget 2010 promised $10 million to address violence against aboriginal women. Six months later, there is still nothing from the government. Over 500 aboriginal women have been murdered or are missing. Women's organizations and aboriginal groups across the country have the solutions to stop violence against aboriginal women. What they need is the funding promised by the government.

The minister keeps telling us that the announcement is coming soon. Soon is not good enough. Will the minister tell us exactly when the $10 million will be released?

Rob Nicholson Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada:

Mr. Speaker, this government is committed to ensuring that all women, including aboriginal women, are safe and secure regardless of the community in which they live. This is a pressing concern that cuts across many different sectors, including the justice system, public safety, police and gender issues, women's rights and aboriginal affairs.

The hon. member is right. The budget does have $10 million over two years to address this disturbing problem. The question I have for her is: Why did she stand in her place and vote against that $10 million if she is now so concerned about it?