Question Period: Every Veteran Deserves a Dignified Funeral

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP): Mr. Speaker, this week, before Remembrance Day, is not a time for partisan rhetoric. We should be focused on improving care for veterans and their families. We should all agree that impoverished veterans deserve a proper burial service equal to the sacrifice that they made for this country.

I would like to ask the minister, once again, does he believe that every veteran who serves this country deserves a proper and dignified burial service?


Hon. Steven Blaney (Minister of Veterans Affairs, CPC): Mr. Speaker, like the Minister of National Defence who met with families of the fallen this morning, this government has the greatest and utmost respect for veterans and their families. So do all members, actually, who this morning attended a ceremony at the National War Memorial.

When talking about funeral and burial assistance, we are providing this program to more than 10,000 veterans. I can assure the member that, unlike the Liberals, we will not cut this program and, unlike the NDP, whenever there is a program for veterans we will support it as long as we are taking care of veterans and making sure that we are making their lives better.