Question Period: Employment Insurance Fairness

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives are taking a mother with cancer to court, yet another example of the government targeting out-of-work Canadians and restricting the EI benefits that they have paid into for years. For Jane Kittmer, it gets worse. Not only is she battling cancer, now she has to battle the Conservatives, too.

    Will the government commit now to dropping this insensitive and unethical attack?


    Hon. Diane Finley (Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, our government passed the Helping Families in Need Act to provide parents who fall ill while collecting EI parental leave with access to employment insurance sickness benefits. The case to which the member refers actually was under the previous Liberal government's rules and we have made tremendous improvements to that system since then.