Question Period: 40th Anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Report

Irene Mathyssen London—Fanshawe, ON:

Mr. Speaker, today is the 40th anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women report. However, instead of celebrating, women across the country, four decades later, are still waiting for action on key recommendations: pay equity, child care, support for first nations and recognition of women's unpaid work.

Rather than moving forward, the government has actually backtracked on equality. Women are still waiting. When will the government start listening to Canadian women and take action on these recommendations?
Status of Women

Rona Ambrose Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women:

Mr. Speaker, this government has listened and we have acted. In fact, we have increased the funding for women to its highest level ever in the history of Canada. We have increased the funding by almost 40% more than it was under the previous Liberal government. We are now supporting projects in every province and territory across the country.

I would ask the hon. member to work with us to support women instead of dividing women's groups.