Each year the London Kinette Club runs an essay contest for elementary students, and MP Irene Mathyssen has supported this effort by providing certificates of recognition, desktop Canadian flags, and maps of Canada to the winning students. This year's theme was "Why I am Proud to be Canadian". Below are excerpts from the winning entries:

Essay Winners

Kinette Tiffany Allan presents the winning students with their prizes at an assembly at West Nissouri Public School 

Grade 6 winner Jack Malott:

Canada is like a bird, it likes to soar freely.

Like birds, people are free to travel, vote and get a good education. We have the freedom of speech and we have the right to choose our own religion. Friends and family are free to walk the streets without fear. Canada is protected by laws and enforced by police. Many Canadians join the Armed Forces to serve and protect our country.

Grade 5 winner Bria Osbourne:

Canada provides me with many freedoms not offered by other countries. First of all, I am very proud that women have equal rights. I can vote because Canada is a democratic Country. As a girl, I have the right to marry someone I choose! I can also choose what I want to be when I grow up. We have public education to make sure all children have access to the same opportunities in life. Canada is often referred to as Global Village. We have many different cultures living together in peace. In fact, Canada is Bilingual and we have two official languages; English and French. Canada has a very strong native culture as well. Something that is very close to my heart is that animals in Canada have rights as Well! We have laws against cruelty to animals. Canada is certainly amazing.