LONDON –A volunteer in many capacities, including the past president of the London Pride Festival, Eugene Dustin was honoured on Sunday during the closing ceremonies at the 2013 Pride Festival with the Governor-General's "Caring Canadian Award".

Dustin was nominated by MP Irene Mathyssen for his years of volunteer service to London's LGBT community.

"There are many volunteers who work tirelessly in our community and they all deserve our thanks. But, Eugene stands out because despite London's sometimes less than welcoming attitude toward the LGBT community in the past, he never stopped working to help make this a more inclusive city. I was there when the Pride Flag was raised at City Hall for the first time ever, thanks to Eugene's determination and effort. It was a remarkable moment signifying that the LGBT community was not only welcome, but an important part of London," says Mathyssen. "So, I think it is fitting that Eugene is not only being recognized with the Caring Canadian Award, but that he is receiving it at the Pride festival, in front of the community for which he has worked so hard".

Dr. Peter Jaffe, a member of the Order of Canada, presented the award on behalf of His Excellency, Governor-General David Johnston. MP Irene Mathyssen was also joined by NDP MP Craig Scott, who has championed several legislative initiatives on LGBT rights, to celebrate and acknowledge Dustin's work.
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