Presenting Your Petitions: Volunteer Service Medal & Pharmacare

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I have two petitions. The first is from a number of citizens who are calling on the Government of Canada to reinstate the Canadian volunteer service medal.

    As members know, it was a medal that was available for the volunteer work done by our veterans and troops until March 1947. Now, the constituents who have signed this petition wish the government would consider bringing this medal back.

    The petitioners are calling on the government to create and issue a new Canadian military volunteer service medal for Canadians in the regular forces, reserve military forces, cadet corps, and support staff, all who have completed 365 days of uninterrupted honourable duty in service of this country of Canada.

Mr. Speaker, my second petition calls upon the House to consider the needs of communities and members of those communities that do not have access to pharmaceuticals.

    As members know, one in five people are unable to fill their prescriptions. People struggle to have the money to pay for prescription drugs. Canada is the only country with a universal medicare system that does not include prescription drugs in that system.

    We have estimated, and a number of very knowledgeable people have estimated that we could save billions of dollars if we had a universal pharmacare system.

    The petitioners are calling upon the Government of Canada to actively work to lower prescription drug costs for all Canadians, to work with the provinces, and implement a universal pharmacare system as part of our public health care program.