Mathyssen Launches Petition for Fair & Timely Immigration

London—In the wake of the tragic loss of the Walji family, MP Irene Mathyssen is encouraging Londoners to petition the Government of Canada for improvements to the nation’s immigration process.

“No person, no family, should be expected to put their lives on hold for years while waiting for immigration officials to decide their fate,” Mathyssen says, “in the the Walji case, this was a family which was here for 15 years. Of course they had put down roots in our community. The family paid taxes, and participated in the life of our community as any other family would. We know of other families, not only in London but across the country who often wait years and years for a decision on their applications. The recent cuts to the Federal Public service have not helped this situation.”

The petition Mathyssen has made available calls on the Minister to ensure that Citizenship and Immigration is properly resourced and staffed to provide timely responses, a growing problem in a department with a backlog of nearly 1 million files which has been impacted along with many other departments as a result of the Conservatives eliminating nearly 20,000 public servants jobs.

The petition also calls for immigration officials to consider all factors in regard to an application.


A copy of the petition can be downloaded below: