October 9th Update

Starting this week I will be doing regular updates on what I have been working on in Ottawa and in London.  This week the House of Commons was in session and there were many important things on the agenda. We had a debate and a vote on involving the Canadian Military in Iraq.  The Conservatives voted in favour of engaging in a combat mission and we will be heading once again into a war.  The NDP had proposed that we contribute to this National effort with humanitarian aid.  Other Bills that were debated this week included a bill on Cyberbullying, creation of a National Fiddling Day and the creation of a new National Park.

This week Tom Mulcair held a roundtable with Ottawa-area parents to learn how they are coping with exorbitant childcare costs. All Canadians deserve access to affordable, high-quality childcare services, much like those available in Quebec. New Democrats have consulted extensively with parents and experts—and next week Tom Mulcair will release details of our plan for affordable childcare.

I met with several organizations this week including the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, the Diversity Canada Foundation, and with the winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence.

This weekend is a holiday weekend and I will be taking some time this weekend to be with family and friends.  Such a welcome opportunity always reminds me how important friends and family are to me.  I will also take time this weekend to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.   I hope that everyone has the opportunity to spend time with friends and family and truly celebrate Thanksgiving.


Irene Mathyssen