In Parliament on the Woodstock Firestone Plant Closure

Speaking in solidarity with CAMI workers in Parliament

In Debate: C-55, An Act to amend the Oceans Act and the Canada Petroleum Resources Act

In Debate: Importance of Vehicle Safety and Industry

Questioning Minister on Mefloquine

Will the government finally do something right and initiate a study on long-term neurotoxicity of mefloquine?


NDP Statement on the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

In Debate: Bill C-211 on PTSD

Statement on the Canada 150 Medal

In Debate: CETA & Drug Costs

In Debate: C-30 CETA Implementation

In Debate: C-26 Canada Pension Plan Changes



Veterans like Peter Blendheim need long-term care beds

Question Period: Why are Liberals not making veterans raises fair?


No Half Measures in an Omnibus Bill, Veterans Issues Need to be Addressed

In Debate: Speaking Against the TPP

Question Period: why hide veterans measures in Omnibus bill?

Question Period: On long-term sustainable jobs at General Dynamics and throughout London?

Where is the Accountability on KPMG Tax Cheats?

2016 International Women's Day Question in Parliament

In Debate: EI Reform is Needed Now!

Questioning the Prime Minister on the TPP

In Debate on Pay Equity Motion

*updated-Motion Passes Parliament*

Statement from the NDP on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


Asking the Minister to review Legion Proposal for Wolseley Barracks Mess Hall

Avian Flu Outbreak and CIFA Cuts a Concern

In Debate: Modernize and Rebuild VIA Rail C-640

Statement on Budget 2015

Fanshawe College Canadian Centre for Product Validation

In Debate: Seniors need Pharmacare, Affordable Housing and Income Security

Stop Asking Veterans if Limbs are Still Missing

Kellogg's Last Box A Testament to Conservative Jobs Failure

In Debate: Creating Jobs & Childcare Spaces

In Debate: Veterans Shouldn't Have to Prove Missing Limbs Year After Year

Groundhog Day Statement

Good Job Losses in Southwestern Ontario Ignored by Conservatives

Mathyssen: Time to Show Minister Fantino the Door

In Debate: C-43 Omnibus Budget Implementation

Question Period: Our Veterans Need Mental Health Supports

Veterans STILL Waiting for Minister to Take Action

6 months and counting, the 14 recommendations of the all-party parliamentary committee have yet to be implemented

Minister of Veterans Affairs lets $136 Million in Veterans Funding Lapse

Statement on 2014 Shine the Light on Woman Abuse Campaign

London's Secrets of Radar Museum

Questioning Conservative Interference in CBC

In Debate: C-35 & Animal Cruelty

260,000 Seniors in Canada Living in Poverty

Vulnerable Canadians Hurt by Conservative Changes to the Social Security Tribunal

Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act

in debate on Bill C-24

Conservatives Playing Games with Veterans Last Post Fund

Omnibus 2014, Speaking Out Against Budget Implementation Act

Honouring a London Veteran

Veterans Deserve Better Than Lip Service

Standing Up for Veterans

Celebrating 2014 Juno Award Winners

IC-22 and Nuclear Liability

Standing Up for Veterans

Calling for Veterans Minister Fantino's Resignation

Speaking Out Against Canada Post Service Cut

Statement on Food Sector Jobs

Questioning the Minister on Quotas Targeting EI Applicants

Questioning the Minister on Canadian Forces Mental Health Support

Questioning the Minister on Canadian Forces Suicides

In Debate: Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act

Statement on Walji Family Tragedy

Statement on Shine the Light on Woman Abuse

In Debate: Budget Implementation Act Omnibus Bill

Statement: Welcome Home Tarek & John

Irene's response to the Speech from the Throne

In Debate: Speaking Against Cutting Off Debate

Royal baby speech Oct 17th

When will the Finance Minister meet with the provinces to talk CPP/QPP increase?

In Debate: Bill C-60 Further Undermines Seniors, Small Business and Working Families

In Debate: On Government Data Breaches and Canadians Privacy

Veterans Need Long Term Care Bed Access

Does the Government Agree the Senate Cannot be Trusted to Investigate Itself?

Why are Conservatives Blocking CPP & QPP Expansion?

Thanking Manufacturers for Supporting Students

Question Period: Employment Insurance Fairness

Question Period: Calling on the Minister to Reverse OAS Cuts

Statement on Equality Action Plan Motion

In Debate: Telling the Truth About Veterans Issues

QUESTION PERIOD: Standing Up for Veterans Care & Benefits

In Debate: Bill C-52 Rail Shipping

In Debate on C-48, Amending Income Tax Act

Members Statement: A Senate Christmas Carol

In Debate: Bill C-15 Strengthening Military Justice

In debate: on Pensions and Seniors Poverty

In Debate: Speaking in favour of C-36 on Elder Abuse

NDP Grills Minister on Veterans Benefits

Question Period: Every Veteran Deserves a Dignified Funeral

Recognizing London's Leadership; Shine the Light on Woman Abuse

Question Period: Fair Compensation for Injured Veterans

In Debate: on Pension Provisions in C45 OMNIBUS-II

IN DEBATE: C-45 OMNIBUS, on Pensions and Navigable Waters

Omnibus Budget Bill II

In Debate: Real Changes Needed to Employment Insurance

Members Statement: Conservatives Playing Partisan Games While Ignoring the Unemployed

Question Period: Are the Conservatives Raising the Retirement Age?

In Debate: Opposing M-312, Defending Womens Rights

In Debate: Risk and Uncertainty for Canadian Jobs and Economy

Cuts to frontline public servants impacting Londoners:

In Debate on Trojan Horse Budget Implementation C-38

In Debate: On the F-35 fighter jet purchase

Registered Pooled Pension Plans are Retirement Roulette

Questioning Back-to-Work Legislation Attack on CP Rail Workers Pensions:

In Debate: Pooled Registered Pension Plans are Not the Answer

In Debate: Why the Trojan Horse Budget Bill Bad is for All Canadians

Question Period: Why is the Minister Taking New Powers, Reducing Tribunal Access for Employment Insurance?

Question Period: Why Won't Minister Reveal Supposed Cost Saving on OAS?

In Debate: Challenging the Conservative Changes to OAS

Question Period: Did Conservatives Target Seniors with Dirty Election Campaign Tricks?

Question Period: Why are the Conservatives Taking Away Seniors' Right to Vote?

Question Period: When Will Government Commit to Ending Senior Women's Poverty?

Irene Calls on Government to Automatically Enroll Seniors in GIS

Question Period: Irene Questions Government's Lack of Support for Former EMD Workers

Irene Calls on Government to Protec Manufacturing Jobs

Irene Condemns Government MPs Disrespect to Veterans

Question Period: Government Admits Numbers Wrong on OAS Last Year

Question Period: Why Won't Conservatives be Honest About OAS?

In Debate: Amending Investment Canada Act to Protect Jobs, Part 1

Question Period: Will Conservatives Stop Scare Tactics & Listen to Budget Officer's Findings on OAS?

Questioning the Minister: Old Age Security

Stop Subsidizing Companies that Ship Jobs Overseas and Start Protecting Communities

Opposition Day Motion Standing Up for Canadian Seniors

In Debate: Second Reading, Bill C-25 (Pooled Pension Plans)

Statement: Recognizing the ROMEOs and Scotian Isle

Calling on the Government to Support Electro-Motive Workers

In Debate: We Need Better Service from Service Canada

Remembering the Victims of Violence

Question Period: C-10 Omnibus "Crime" Legislation

In Debate: On Senate Reform

Facing the Reality of London's Employment Challenges

Questioning the Minister: Why are Canadians Getting No Answer at "Service Canada"?

In Debate: Action Needed to Lift Seniors Out of Poverty

Speaking up for Seniors in Parliament

In Debate: Budget Implementation-failing on job creation and poverty reduction

Question Period - October 3rd, 2011

Question in the House: Government Spending Wasted on Private Consultants To Cut Services

Statment in the House on World Alzheimer's Day