NDP MPs consulting with Canadians on reckless Conservative pension changes

WINNIPEG – New Democrat Seniors Critic Irene Mathyssen visited Winnipeg today to consult with local families and seniors on how to best protect retirees from Stephen Harper’s plan to raise the OAS eligibility age from 65 to 67.

“Stephen Harper’s Conservatives say that there isn’t enough money for OAS, therefore Canadians have to work two years longer,” said Mathyssen. “Meanwhile, the Tories are spending billions of dollars on corporate tax cuts, failed fighter jets and a costly prison agenda. It’s unacceptable.”

New Democrats are touring the country, seeking practical solutions to help our aging population without hurting retirement security.

“There are seniors across this country who are already struggling to get by, and now the Conservatives want to make it even harder,” Mathyssen said. “Changes to the OAS also leaves younger Canadians wondering if they can afford to retire.”

“The Parliamentary Budget Officer and other experts have been clear: the OAS is sustainable in the long-term,” Mathyssen said. “The Conservatives are scaring seniors and asking Canadians to delay retirement for two years so they can pay for their out-of-touch priorities.”