NDP's Mathyssen & Layton Meet with London Chamber of Commerce

In December of 2008, NDP Leader Jack Layton and MP Irene Mathyssen hosted a townhall forum to talk with citizens about the economic crisis. The success of that meeting led to the launch of a coast-to-coast-to-coast series of similar townhalls and the NDP striking two Task Forces. The Middle Class Recession Task Force to look at the impact of the economic crisis on Canadian families, and the Economic Recovery Task Force to gather and bring forward the best ideas on how to get our economy back on track.

On Wednesday May 20th, Layton returned to London as part of the Economic Recovery Task Force meetings, to speak with members of the London Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce Meeting
In addition to the round table meeting with business leaders from The London Chamber of Commerce, Layton and Mathyssen visited two impressive London businesses, Purifics, and Sciencetech.

Both are Canadian success stories competing in the global marketplace with cutting edge products and technology. Purifics produces efficient water decontamination and purification systems, while Sciencetech is a global leader in solar simulators and spectroscopy instrumentation.
Purifics photo
Irene Mathyssen & Jack Layton tour Purifics with President Brian Butters and Engineer Tony Powell

Among the key issues discussed at The Chamber of Commerce: the importance of saving local media as both an information and advertising medium, the need to have easily accessible infrastructure funding for municipal governments and cut through the red tape with a simple funding path to help small and medium size private sector businesses with research and development, the support and need for a high speed Windsor-Quebec City rail corridor, a tax system that is both fair and practical, affordable tuition and training costs, and a regulatory framework that protects both consumers and small retail businesses from predatory interest practices.