My Weekly Blog for January 29th

Weekly Blog:

This was the first week back in Ottawa for the winter session of Parliament.  It was nice to connect with old colleagues and get better acquainted with some of our new MPs.  There were many changes from the last parliament and a lot of new faces.  You can find out more about the people who are representing Canadians by visiting:


Question in the House on Veterans:

I had an opportunity to ask the Minister for Veterans Affairs a question in the House regarding the poor service our Veterans are receiving.  Here is a video of our exchange:


In the House of Commons:

In the House we continued debate on the speech from the Throne.  The conservatives had an opposition day (a day the opposition sets the agenda for debate in the House) and they chose to debate the merits of the Energy East Pipeline.  This week we also began debate on bill C-2 which will make changes to Canada’s tax code. 


Meetings in Ottawa:

Some of my many meetings in Ottawa this week included meeting with the Canada Health Coalition, the Canadian Parliamentary Association, and the International Parliamentary Union.  I also had the opportunity to attend the celebration of the life of the Honorable Maurice Strong.    You can learn more about Mr. Strong and his contributions to Canada and the United Nations here:


In London:
This weekend I am pleased to be attending the NDP’s Southwest Regional Conference.  I look forward to connecting with New Democrats from the region.