My Blog for April 2nd

Meetings in Ottawa:
Again this week was very busy with many meetings.  I had several meetings with organizations concerned about seniors and talking about the NDP plan for a National Strategy on Aging.  You can read about our strategy here:

Citizenship and Immigration Committee heard testimony from the Minister and department officials on S-7, a bill that the NDP finds very problematic.  The bill will amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Civil Marriage Act and the Criminal Code.  New Democrats are convinced that this bill does not constitute an appropriate response to what is actually a significant problem of gender-based violence and not a cultural problem. In fact, S-7 could very well aggravate existing problems. 

You can watch the video of the testimony here: 

Debate in the House of Commons:
This week we debated and voted on extending the war effort in Iraq and Syria.  New Democrats opposed extending our mission, but with the majority Conservatives voted to extend the mission. You can see how members voted here:

We also debated this week C-52, Railway Liability and C-42, the Fire Arms Act.

At Home in London:
After spendign last weekend visiting neighbouring communities to talk about childcare, followed by spending this week in parliament, I am looking forward to returning to London for the Easter break.  The next two weeks are already very busy with many meetings and events in London.  I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend and take some time to spend with friends and family