My Blog for April 24th

In the House:

This week was dominated by the introduction of the 2015 federal budget. You can read more about what was in the budget here: 

This week I also tabled a motion for fairness for consumers of prepaid wireless phone cards.  The rules for phone cards need to be updated.  Many Canadians and especially seniors rely on these cards and if they do not immediately add new money to their cards each month, they can lose all the money they have invested in that card. You can read more about my motion here:

I also spoke in the House this week on the importance of VIA Rail.  Please keep an eye out on Facebook or twitter next week for  a link to the video of that speech. 

In Committee:

In Citizenship and Immigration Committee we continued to study the Conservative Government Bill S-7 which aims to make significant changes to our immigration policy.  We find the bill to have some serious unintended consequences that could result in victims of polygamy being criminalized and deportation of children and separation of families.    We heard from witnesses who highlighted these issues. 

Meetings in Ottawa:

I had the pleasure of attending a pre-budget discussion with seniors, health and housing organizations from across Canada to discuss the importance that seniors will have in the next election.  They outlined issues that most affect seniors and called on the MPs present to comment on the issues.  I attended along with my colleague Pension critic John Rafferty.  Liberals sent two MPs and the Conservative Party declined to send any elected representatives. 

In London:

Last Sunday I was pleased to host a discussion with NDP environment critic Megan Leslie and the London Environmental Network.  The roundtable provided an opportunity to share ideas and was a great success.  This weekend I will be planting trees and attending Earth Day activities in Watson Park  Sunday.