Mathyssen urges other parties to join campaign to bring decorum back to House

Mathyssen urges other parties to join campaign to bring decorum back to House

OTTAWA – New Democrats will today participate in Equal Voices’ “Elevate the Debate” campaign aimed at promoting respectful behaviour and a more collegial atmosphere in Parliament.

“The name calling and mockery of colleagues that exists in the House of Commons are not acceptable in any other workplace in the country, so why here?” said New Democrat Status of Women Critic Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe). “We need to showcase the good work and cooperation that can be achieved in order to attract and motivate more women to get involved in politics.”

Mathyssen commended the efforts of New Democrat House Leader and Deputy Leader Libby Davies (Vancouver East), who has worked to ensure other party House Leaders participate in the Equal Voices’ campaign as well. New Democrats firmly believes that all parties need to work together to ensure that decorum is a priority every day—not just today.

New Democrats have led the way in advancing women’s participation in politics in Canada by electing the first female federal leader of a political party, electing the highest proportion of women Members of Parliament in a political caucus, and having a candidate selection process that encourages the selection of female candidates.

“I am proud of the New Democratic Party and our affirmative action policies,” said Mathyssen. “I believe that all of my female colleagues from all parties will agree that we need more women in the House.”