Mathyssen: Questions the Prime Minister Should Answer in London

LONDON – NDP Member of Parliament, Irene Mathyssen (London – Fanshawe), has a few questions for the Prime Minister as he stops in London  as part of his Damage Control Tour.

 “Prime Minister Trudeau finally realises that he must have meaningful conversations with all Canadians and the working Canadians who need the support and attention of their government, free of charge,” said Mathyssen.

“We have some very important opportunities in London and the region.  We are still waiting for promised infrastructure investments and a federal commitment for London’s rapid transit plan that would position London as a desirable place for future business investment while meeting our objectives for a cleaner more vibrant economy”, said Mathyssen. “Sadly in 2016 the unemployment rate was up a full percentage point, with more and more people relying on precarious jobs just to make ends meet. We also have an urgent need to fix the Employment Insurance system, so that it is there to support the people who pay into it when they need it. Many of my constituents would like to know why Mr. Trudeau’s government voted against the NDP motion to fix the EI system last spring?”

Mathyssen added, "More than a year after the election, we’ve still seen no real action to address the concerns so many Canadians expressed about Bill C-51. My constituents would really like to know when the Liberals are going to honour their campaign promise to address the attack on their privacy and civil liberties that the Harper government imposed with C-51?"

During a damage-control-tour stop in Eastern Ontario, Trudeau refused to say when his government would restore the lifelong disability pension for injured veterans and stop fighting Veterans in court. Mathyssen said veterans in London and throughout Canada will be looking for answers and immediate commitments from the Prime Minister on those issues.