Mathyssen Calls for Tax Break & Retrofit Assistance on Home Heating Costs

London – New Democrats across Canada are calling on Stephen Harper to give hardworking families a break and immediately remove the five percent HST/GST from home heating before the snow falls.

“I see people struggling right now, more than I’ve ever seen,” said Mathyssen. “We're seeing home heating costs skyrocket in many parts of the country. Here in Ontario, home heating costs have risen 17 percent in six months, in large part because of the Harper-McGuinty HST,” said Irene Mathyssen, MP for London-Fanshawe. "With winter fast approaching, New Democrats recognize that something has to be done, now.”

New Democrats are also calling on the government to re-introduce the home and ecoEnergy Retrofit Program, so families can retrofit their homes and further reduce heating bills.

"Restarting the retrofit program, along with other actions to spur on green industries, will result in a dynamic new era of job creation, energy efficiency and energy security," said Mathyssen. “Those jobs could help put those in the London region hard hit by manufacturing job losses back to work.”

Mathyssen pointed to London successfully attracting German Solar Corp and KACO to the area as the "tip of the iceburg", saying the London region has significant untapped potential in this sector.

"This means more jobs, less pollution, with a tax cut and lower heating bills for Canadians, for constituents in London-Fanshawe this is the type of practical help the government should be providing."

Mathyssen encouraged Londoners to share their stories and join the campaign for Tax Free Home Heating online at: