LONDON – Despite a slow job market recovery, students in the London region will still have some summer employment opportunities thanks to federal Canada Summer Jobs funding finalized Tuesday.

“Yesterday I was able to begin calling the community organizations and businesses who made successful applications for Canada Summer Jobs. After all the negative economic news our community has been flooded with over the past two years, it was a pleasure to be able to deliver a bit of good news,” said NDP MP Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe). “In all, 37 projects will receive funding this summer, which will create 92 jobs for students.

One of the statistics often overlooked when unemployment rates are being reported is the rates of unemployment for Canadians 18-30 years old, which is considerably higher than the overall average. I know this Canada Summer Jobs funding will help to ensure at least some employment opportunities are available for students this summer. The employment income gained through these opportunities can often be the difference between returning to school to complete an education or not having the financial resources to do so”.

Mathyssen says the Canada Summer Jobs program is also unique in allowing MPs to have direct input on setting community priorities. For her part, she began contacting businesses and organizations which previously utilized the program, as well as those who had contacted her about job creation funding sources over the past year, with information about application packages in January.

“MPs—at least those who are doing their jobs well—hear from a broad range of businesses and community organizations throughout the year. This gives us an opportunity to take what we have learned from these contacts and use it to help shape the priorities to fit the realities of the community. It is a national program that does not take a one-size fits all approach.”

The London-Fanshawe funding will benefit a diverse range of employers in the public, non-profit, and private sectors, including: AddAline Asphalt, Purifics Inc., Fanshawe Pioneer Village, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, the London Public Library, the Glencairn Community Centre, and several faith community summer programs.

“Many of these organizations and businesses would simply not have the capacity to create these jobs, in the current economic environment, without government support. This is the kind of government program which will help our community during what has bee—at best—a shaky economic recovery,” Mathyssen said.