Mathyssen Introduces M-536, Federal Urban Forest Strategy

Urban forests impact 85% of Canadians, yet we lag behind other G7 countries in the value we place on them. In the United States, management of urban forests falls under a responsibility equivalent to that of a Canadian deputy minister.  Here in Canada, we lead the world in destruction of our forests.

With the bounty of natural resources we have in Canadian urban forests, we should be on the forefront of preserving them before it’s too late.  Trees are an integral part of London, the Forest City, and all levels of government should be working together to protect our living heritage of urban forests.  

My motion, M-536, calls for change.

That, in the opinion of this House, the government should create a Federal Urban Forest Strategy, with the objectives of:

a)      Affirming the leadership role of the federal government in urban forest knowledge, urban forest management and urban forest protection.

b)      Promoting the importance of the environmental, social and economic roles of Canada’s urban forests.

c)      Sustaining and enhancing urban forest canopy cover to safeguard human and environmental health;

d)     Advancing national, societal knowledge on the urgent issues facing urban forests including: invasive species, climate change, and urbanization;

e)      Encouraging innovative, world class approaches to urban forest management and planning;

f)       Ensuring that federal involvement in managing urban forests is a collaborative endeavour between all levels of government including Indigenous peoples, and involves the private sector, property owners and non-governmental organizations


Petitions in support of my motion are available below.