LONDON- On March 22 I hosted a virtual town hall where Londoners could ask their elected Member of Parliament questions and voice their priorities. NDP leader Jack Layton also made the call and was available to answer questions from local constituents.
Those on the call had the opportunity to voice their opinions in polls asked during the town hall. Here are the results:

• 79% of participants found Harper to be on the wrong track
• 96% of participants wanted federal tax removed from our home heating bills
• 96% of participants want CPP strengthened
• 93% of participants disapprove of the HST

Additionally I asked what you wanted me to make my priority for you in Ottawa.

The top three priorities of constituents were:

1: 32.90% said retirement security and pensions
2: 26.41% said Healthcare
3: 24.68% said making life more affordable

with the remaining constituents selecting other priorities such as the environment or the cost of prescription drugs.

With over 6500 participants on the town hall call it was a resounding success. I enjoyed hearing from everyone and answering your questions. It is very important to me that those who have elected me to represent them in Ottawa have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers.