London-Fanshawe Gets $17 Million for Infrastructure

funding announcement
LONDON – Working across party lines, representatives from all three levels of government came together in London today to announce the approval of a total of $96.9 million investment in infrastructure repairs, improvements, and upgrades throughout London.

“This announcement is the culmination of more than 3 years of work on my part to help deliver more infrastructure funding for our community. In the London-Fanshawe riding the total federal investment is a little over $17 million, that is just over half the total federal investment in this announcement. Projects in my riding include; improvements to both the Argyle and Stronach Arenas ($33,333 each), improvements to two firehalls ($408,000), waste water infrastructure for the Skyway and Innovation industrial parks ($6.8 million), road and overpass projects ($5.68 million), and several other projects including investment in sewer improvements and transit,” said NDP MP Irene Mathyssen.

Conservative MPs Ed Holder (London-West), Joe Preston (Elgin-Middlesex-London), and Liberal MP Glen Pearson (London-North Centre), joined Mathyssen, area MPPs Bentley and Ramal, and Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell for the noon hour announcement of the funding approval. Each of the three levels of government contributed matching funds to these projects.

“Today, we have good news for London. This represents a tremendous investment in our community and will help create jobs and boost our local economy. This partnership between the three levels of government—with representatives from all three political parties—to deliver funding for these projects, I hope, will also demonstrate to Londoners that our area politicians are able to put the good of the community first. Each of us set aside partisan differences and contribute to making this happen. In particular Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and city staff deserve credit for ensuring that our area MPs and MPPs were kept informed and involved throughout this process,” Mathyssen said.