London Conservatives Misleading the Public in Letter

Unfortunately, London’s Conservative MPs are simply not telling the truth in their joint letter “NDP carbon tax a job killer”. Neither the NDP nor our leader have advocated for a Carbon tax - we have, in fact, opposed it whenever one has been suggested.

What we have proposed and Mr. Mulcair is still proposing is a cap-and-trade system. It is very similar to the one advocated by the Conservatives in their 2008 platform, something they have failed to deliver. 

The NDP has consistently focused on protecting jobs in this country, unlike the Conservatives who continue to sell out to big corporations with no strings attached corporate tax giveaways. Here in London we have felt the full impact of Conservative jobs policy – with manufacturing jobs packing up and leaving.  Many of these corporations were given huge tax breaks and not only did they not create new jobs, they did not even stay in our city.

Instead of taking meaningful action to address the situation, we have local Conservative MPs engaging in partisan fearmongering.

What Canada needs is a smart and balanced economic policy. We need to invest in the environmentally friendly technology, of the future so we can become a world leader. Investments in cap and trade can move us in the right direction, creating jobs and protecting the environment. We should be striving to build a balanced economy where businesses and workers can share in Canada’s prosperity and where no one is left behind.


Irene Mathyssen, MP


Published September 14th, London Free Press


NDP carbon tax a job killer

This week, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair dropped into London. Not surprisingly, he avoided mention of his job-killing carbon tax plan.

Our government remains focused on what matters to Londoners and all Canadians: creating jobs, promoting economic growth and ensuring long-term prosperity. We will also continue to stand up against the dangerous economic schemes and the higher taxes proposed by the Mulcair NDP, including a job-killing carbon tax, which would raise the price of everything, including gas, groceries and electricity.

According to respected economist Jack Mintz, the NDP’s previous plan would have raised gas prices by an additional 10 cents a litre.

The centrepiece of Mulcair’s economic plan is a carbon tax. It will kill jobs by increasing costs of small and medium sized businesses in London and southern Ontario — the engine of our economy. This is the last thing manufacturers in London need.

We have heard loud and clear that London families do not want a carbon tax. They want their government to focus on jobs and economic growth while keeping taxes low for families. That is exactly what our Conservative government will continue to do this fall.

Susan Truppe, MP, London North Centre

Joe Presto, MP, Elgin-Middlesex-London

Ed Holder, MP, London West

Published September 13th, London Free Press