Masse and Mathyssen Call on Minister To Make Rail Investments a Priority

LONDON, ON –  Canada remains decades behind the developed world in respect to rail capacity and is the only OECD country with no High Speed Rail whatsoever.

Today NDP MP for London-Fanshawe is joined by Brian Masse the NDP MP from Windsor West to call on the government to move forward with an investment in high-speed rail from Windsor to Quebec City. 

Masse argues that, “we can increase efficiencies along this corridor with modest investments right now.  I am calling on the Minister to convene a working group of individuals who will identify specific projects along the Windsor to Quebec City corridor that will augment capacity in the short term.  Unfortunately, Minister Lebel continues to hide behind a deeply flawed study that ignores the real potential that rail investments have to stimulate growth in the Canadian economy.”

 Back on Track Press Conference

An extremely flawed study was released late last year suggesting rail investments would be costly and result in service reductions along the Windsor-Quebec City corridor.  The study suggests limiting any high-speed rail development to stops between Quebec City and Toronto, leaving out connections in London, Windsor and possibly beyond to the United States.

 “It is shocking the Minister continues to stand behind a study that proposes essentially to shut down this station” said Mathyssen.  “Simply put the Minister is using this flawed study to quash the idea of investing in rail along the crucial Windsor to Quebec City corridor.  The methodology is unsound and its conclusions are flawed. It is critical for the long term competitiveness of communities like London and Windsor, but it is also vital to the province and the country that southwestern Ontario is connected and thriving”.

 Studies show that investing is transportation infrastructure is critical to sustaining economic growth.  Rail investments at this time will yield short, medium and long term benefits to the economy and the environment.  Moreover it will create jobs and enhance public safety.   

 Masse and Mathyssen will continue on to meet with Joe Fontana, the Mayor of London, and the CEO of the London Chamber of Commerce Gerry MaCartney.