Kellogg's Last Box A Testament to Conservative Jobs Failure

OTTAWA – Since Stephen Harper’s Conservatives came to power in 2006, over 10,000 good paying manufacturing jobs have been lost in the London area; 2,200 last year alone. Today, in the wake of the Kellogg’s plant closure, Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe) demanded Conservatives work to prevent further jobs losses and build a jobs plan for London’s future.

Irene Mathyssen:

“Mr. Speaker, while eating breakfast before heading to work, a Timmins father found a note from workers who are now out of work.

The note was written on the last box of cereal ever produced at the London Kellogg plant by three workers who had each put in more than 20 years of work at the factory, the same factory where I worked as a university student. Kellogg closed last December, putting 550 people out of work.

Why have the Conservatives stood by while so many good manufacturing jobs continue to disappear? Where is the jobs plan?”

*Audio of this question is attached.