June 19th Blog, Parliament's Final Week

The last full week of Parliament before the 2015 federal election has been very busy and full.

Statements in the House:

June 15 was Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I made a statement in the House on the importance of breaking the tragic cycle of elder abuse by giving seniors resources and financial stability to have control over their lives.


Bill S-7:

On June 16, the Conservatives shut down debate on Senate Bill S-7, the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Practices Act” and forced passage of this flawed legislation. We heard from countless expert witnesses on the potential unintended consequences of this bill. I spoke in the House out of concern for those consequences, and laid out what an effective approach to this very real problem would look like.


Questions in the House:

I had the opportunity to ask questions in the House this week on the Senate Scandal and the restoration of Canada Post home delivery services. These are two issues on which New Democrats have been very clear. We stand with the majority of Canadians who wish to see home delivery restored, and we will work to abolish the unaccountable, unelected and under-investigation Senate.

The videos of the questions I asked in the House this week are available here:


End of the 41st Parliamentary Session:

With the rising of the House this week, the 41st Parliament comes effectively to its end. As New Democrats, we have much to be proud of and much to celebrate. We will come back to Ottawa in the 42nd Parliament stronger and more committed than ever.

On Tuesday evening the NDP celebrated the end of the session with a gala event for MPs, staff and friends at the National Arts Centre. We said goodbye to those of my caucus colleagues who will not be running in the next election. It was a bittersweet evening of celebrating the victories, and while recognizing that we have a strong and bright future ahead of us, something dear is also coming to an end.

On Wednesday evening, I attended the NDP Rally for Change along with my NDP Official Opposition caucus colleagues and more than a thousand supporters, to listen to our leader Tom Mulcair lay out the New Democrat vision for a better Canada. As we move towards the election in October I am more and more confident and optimistic that we can indeed achieve that together.

You can watch the video of that rally and speech here: http://bit.ly/1MOku5l

The weeks and months ahead:

As I return to the riding, I am looking forward to taking a bit of rest over the summer, but mostly to being back home to attend events, visit with constituents and continue the conversation about how we can work together to make this community and this country a better place for every single one of us.

Summer begins with the solstice June 21. I wish you a safe, happy and restful summer, and I look forward to talking to you in London!