In Debate: Speaking Against Cutting Off Debate

Ms. Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I want to talk to the House very briefly about the role of democracy.

When I go out to schools in my community, I talk about how the government is responsible to Parliament, the peoples' representatives. We have not seen anything like that in this particular government. Every time the Conservatives bring in a time allocation, it is more and more clear that the current government does not respect the people of Canada because it does not respect the role of Parliament. It wants to change the rules at a whim. That is what this is about. This is about changing the rules to suit the Conservatives so that we can all pretend, or at least they can pretend, that the Prime Minister did not prorogue this place.

I would like to know if the government intends to continue with omnibus motions. We have certainly had our fill of omnibus budget bills that have allowed the Conservative government to push through incredibly destructive legislation, such as all the repeals to environmental protection and the changes to the Navigable Waters Act.

Just this past weekend I was in a community that is suffering in terms of those changes and is facing a dump being foisted upon them.

I would like to know from the Conservative government when it is going to respect communities, respect the role of Parliament, and respect the rules of this place.