OTTAWA – As the Prime Minister of Canada tours one of the worst-affected regions of his failed jobs plan, today’s ‘good news’ message is contradicted by the facts. According to the government’s own data for London, since Stephen Harper took office in 2006, 10,100 good paying jobs have been lost, including 2,200 last year alone.

“For nine years, communities throughout Southern Ontario have taken the brunt of Conservative mishandling of our economy and the manufacturing sector,” said NDP MP Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe). “From Navistar to Electro-Motive Diesel to Heinz and everything in-between, thousands of jobs have been lost while Conservatives in Ottawa sat on their hands.”

Just this morning, it’s been reported that after 18 long months, not a single penny of the highly touted ‘Advanced Manufacturing Fund’ has been spent. Introduced and passed in the 2013 Budget, this $200 million fund was sold as a replacement for millions of dollars in cuts to industrial R&D and was aimed at the ailing Southern Ontario manufacturing sector.

“When you look at the numbers, it’s clear Conservatives can’t be trusted to protect good-paying jobs anywhere in Southern Ontario,” added Mathyssen. “To be frank, our anemic manufacturing problems can be directly tied to Stephen Harper’s own failed policies and aversion to investing in Londoners. London families deserve better.”